Thank you ever so much for giving me the opportunity to be part of this Visioning workshop. That was simply brilliant!

I really enjoyed that process and it gave me such a positive boost to dive deeper into doing a more detailed reflection and forecasting for myself this upcoming week.

I have felt so stuck this year. It has been a most humbling year for me that has felt so full of fits and starts. This process of yours helped me see beyond what has felt like a lot of failure and negativity to also see the important learning and lessons for how to move forward. So thank you ever so much for that.

Even though I was in a space online with 50 people that I have never met, you somehow managed to create such a safe and intimate space for us. That speaks such positive volumes of you as a person and teacher.

Again thank you – from the bottom of my heart. I am not good at asking for and reaching out for help, but I know I need some help to figure out how to move forward and to get unstuck. This was a mighty positive step in the right direction.

Tine Rossing

Envision 2021, Life Design