The gratitude I feel now is bigger than any word! I am happy that I took this course (even though English really troubled me)! I love all the insights I have had and knowledge I have gain during this year I have spent with this course. I am happy that I had a second chance to complete this with full focus!

I am pretty satisfied with my first design. I know that it is a first attempt and with this little knowledge and experience, I probably already would do things differently. You gave a good tip in last office hour: ask for help! This is a learning journey and by doing, observing nature, talking with the trees and people and asking help we get better.

Thank you Javan for your patience. kindness, helpful feedback and your wisdom! Thank you! I have loved this Journey so much and it has taught me in so many areas of life!

Tinka Sjögren

Entrepreneur & Transformative coach
Education, Land Design, OSU PDC Student, PDC Student