WEBINAR Building your Scientific PAUSE Button

Fake news
Sensational media.

When it comes to regenerative agriculture and permaculture, it can seem like the media world is awash in both naysayers and outrageous claims.

Especially on social platforms, so many conversations stall out before they even have a chance at reaching “meaningful discussion” status. It seems like it’s getting harder and harder to get beyond “Look, see what this headline says! You’re wrong!” I see black. You see white. But when there’s a grey zone to scientific research, as there nearly always is, how do we know where to begin?

Where do we find good science, and how do we identify it? Do we pick a side and defend it, or seek the middle ground? How can we inoculate ourselves against fake news, or people who inflate or misrepresent the results of studies?

In the rapidly expanding world of regenerative agriculture, we all need to get better and better at discerning between what’s hype and what’s not. Even if we’re already pretty (or even very) sure that we want to see regenerative agriculture spread, we need to be able to make meaningful choices, that are supported by real-world evidence, that we can feel good about; and when called upon to do so, help others do the same.

Let’s put it frankly: we all need a s$#% detector that actually works.

In this 90 minute webinar Susan Cousineau, MSc. will teach you how to build your own Scientific PAUSE Button: a process to question and inquire into what you’ve read, and see what’s behind sensational blog posts and media headlines. You’ll get a sneak preview into our upcoming science and regenerative agriculture course, but also – a clear, step-by-step approach that you can use immediately.

If you’re currently working or interested in regenerative agriculture, permaculture, or a related field, and looking to develop a deeper awareness of and resilience to hype and hubris, you’ll want to attend this FREE webinar on March 31st 2021 at 10:30 am – 12:00pm PST.

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