Facing Fire Documentary


Where are we now?

It can seem like each fire season breaks more records than the last. Knowing where we've been allows us to know where to go next; watching the horizon but ensure we look at where we're placing our feet.  The below resources are intended to educate and provide stepping stones for your own education and journey to becoming part of a culture that embraces fire.

Click and rotate the globe to show active particulate emmissions which corealate with wildfire.

Active Fires Now

This website aggregates data from around the world showing up to 3 hr old renderings of different data sets.

Currently the website is set to show 2.5 particulate emissions which highly coorelate with fire.



The below instructions can produce a rendering that shows particulates.

Click on "earth," look at all the amazing data viewing options.
Then select "particulate", and from the new list that appears, select "PM 2.5".
The map will reset, showing concentrations of medium-small particulate matter characteristic of smoke (and sahara dust storms, and Chinese industrial smog).
If you want to zero in on particular fires, you can select "chem" and look at CO concentrations - these tend to concentrate more closely near their origin.